Short outage 5th October 2008 3pm

15.02: We are making our final move to the Coreix racks now. Service will be interrupted for about 30mins.

15.39h: Looks like we are back but we are working on an error when loggin in. Hopefully fixed in a minute.

16.22h: Just had this from Coreix:

Just wanted to let you know that the first part of the migration went fine, however we had a small issue with power cabling to the firewall due to its size, we need to quickly restart the machine to move some power cables (we didn’t want to keep the machine down to long) to resolve this can you confirm if 5-10 minutes to reboot is acceptable in about 30-60 minutes ?

I gave them the Ok.

16.28h: The login issue is fixed now. We are waiting for one last restart of the server at about 17.00-17.30h, then we’ll finally be settling down with our new hosts.

18.36h: Finally! We are moved away from ServerCity for good. Things should settle down now.



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