Welcome to the ‘ippimail service status blog’.

Fortunately outages at ippimail.com are pretty few and far between but when they do happen it’s hard for us to keep our users informed about what’s going on until after the event. This blog is perhaps the solution! It’s independent of our network and should be available even if ippimail isn’t for some reason.

If you can’t get to http://www.ippimail.com, come here to see if we are having a problem. If there isn’t an explanation mentioned in the ‘Outages’ section to the right, we might not know about the issue. Comment on this post to tell us about it. (Leave a reply below) If you are contacting us to say you can’t get in to your account for some reason, please remember to leave an alternate email address or we won’t be able to reach you.

You should even be able to subscribe to our RSS feed for instant news!

Please note, this blog is not intended as a substitute for the ippimail.com forums. If you can get to your account and logged in, use the forums to reach us and other users for help. Alternatively email help[at]ippimail.com.

Thanks for supporting the ippimail project!


Keywords: unavailable, broken, gone, login, not there


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